Help is always in demand. We have five Volunteer type:

  • --FoodBank Call Center: These volunteers make outbound calls to the Community to become part of our food bank.
  • --FoodBank Meal Preparer: These volunteers make prepare and serve food to the needy.
  • --FoodBank Centers: These are considered the Centes for the food pantries. Mostly these centers are relationships with local churches, schools and nonprofits. At these Centers, you can meet the needed indviduals and give out food parcels. Also, you can have informal chat with clients over a cup of tea / coffee, to discuss their situation and direct them for future situation.
  • --FoodBank Warehouse: FoodBanks weigh, sort and store donated food before it's made info parcels for clients to collect.
  • --Supermarkets & Retail Collections: Help out at a food bank supermarket & retail collection encouraging people to donate and collect items.